What are Your Favorite Books ?>

What are Your Favorite Books

Most of us started reading books at a very young age. Since then, reading has become a passion whenever we have the time to grab a book. Some of us only fell in love with reading at a later age. Although you started late, it is never too late to receive information and enjoy reading at the same time.

People in search of a good entertainment or for new knowledge can find it in books. Reading books is essential to learning as it provides a solid and unlimited source of information. As a reader, you’ll acquire much good data from reading books. In fact, you’ll be surprised how improved you are with your grammar and writing skills if are a wide reader. Even if you’re not reading to excel in your writing and oral skills, you’ll be amazed on how significant your improvements are with constant scanning of books.

As a child, we are fond of children’s books that constantly consists of fantasies and make-believe. Characters such as Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Alice in Wonderland are some of the famous characters from children’s books. As a kid, we grew up reading fairy tales. Children’s books are reading materials that teach good manners to our kids. It is one of the reasons why we choose to hand kiddies books to them instead of letting them watch movies. Children’s books don’t have cursing which is a good thing if you are developing the character of your kids. In addition, books like Cinderella encourage kids to be good. They also teach children to love, respect, and stay away from doing bad things.


Romantic novels make up for most of the books published on a yearly basis. Almost everyone of us would love to read a book about love, especially when we are in love with someone. Romantic novels draw the attention of readers because almost all people can relate to romance. Readers will always be interested in reading books that they can relate to its subject. This is why most writers focus on the romance genre because they get audience a lot easier.

Romance books are in fact revolving around the romantic relationship of the protagonist. It’s one of the main reasons why these books sell and attract the interest of the public. Without love, it’s quite difficult for many people to be interested and drawn to a piece of work. Ever wondered why Cinderella is so popular among kids and adults alike? In fact, it has been used in many different movies because of its popularity. One of the reasons why the book Cinderella is very popular is because of the love story between Cinderella and the prince. On the other hand, we easily get bored with educational books because they lack the sense of emotion. It’s why we patronize romantic novels easily over the other books.

Science Fiction

A lot of us have a wild imagination when we are reading books. Science fiction books are make-believe. Basically, they aren’t real and should never be used as a reference as a fact. They are products of our thick imagination.

Authors write millions of books on a yearly basis that are fictional or make-believe. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Twilight are among the best-sellers. Unlike with the other genre, science fiction books can be for the children and adults. Sci-fi books are commonly tailored to draw the attention and interest of the readers. Growing up, we were so fond of various science fictions. In fact, most of the children’s books are about science fiction. The ever-popular Peter Pan from our kiddies books are science fiction. No matter how realistic they may sound in books, they are just made up by the creative authors of the books. In short, they aren’t real at all.

Many readers are focused on science fiction because it teleports them to an unfamiliar realm. Unlike with history books, science fictions allow us to travel into a place that is quite unusual to human beings. In fact, they are centered into a setting that is not common to people. It’s one of the good things about such genre. It allows us to cultivate our minds better by making us imagine unrealistic things.


Learning about our history is also a good way to entertain ourselves with our free time. A lot of readers are also spending their time reading about history books. Most of these books provide information about what happened in the past. Along with the hard facts, a twist of romance, action, and other stuff allows history books to draw the interest of the readers. As a reader, you’ll easily be drawn to the books, especially if you are into the life of someone you revere as your hero.

History books about World War I and II are among the most popular reading materials ever written. You can also expect early Roman history to be a part of the most famous books ever published. People always love to read about their past. We are always after facts that have happened before our time. It’s one way to connect to what happened in the world before we came into life.

Most of our favorite history books were made into movies because of their popularity and significance. Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan and other films are based on popular books. Although we weren’t there to watch the making of history, books allow us to see a clear picture of what happened in the past. Books are great at making people imagine what it was like years or centuries ago. As a person, you’ll be drawn to reading books if it is about the history of your country.


Who doesn’t love reading action books? Boys definitely like reading books full of action and adventure. Minority Report is an action-packed book that was recreated into a movie with lead star Tom Cruise in the 2000s. Other action books that were made into movies are Munich, The Green Mile, Out of Sight, First Blood, and Bourne Ultimatum.

Detective Stories

If you’re one of the millions of kids who grew up reading books such as Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, you are definitely hooked on detective stories. A lot of kids and adults alike pick detective stories as their favorite books. Basically, we love thriller stories and plots where we need to use our brain to analyze the situation. Books like these keep the readers glued to the story. In fact, the readers often involve themselves by solving the mystery while they are reading the book. Such types of books are great for improving the analytical thinking of a person.

Basically, it doesn’t matter which book you prefer to read as long as you have a passion in reading. Books are unlimited sources of data. In fact, you can access tons of facts, data, and statistics from them. If you want to gain some knowledge aside from entertainment, reading books is a good hobby. You can expect a lot of good things just by reading books. As a reader, there are many different good books to check out. All you need to do is search for what keeps you interested and entertained.

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