The Healthy And Beneficial Facts About Delicious Chocolates ?>

The Healthy And Beneficial Facts About Delicious Chocolates

This article will show you many health benefits one can find in chocolates. If you like the sweetness there is to your tongue when you put the piece in your mouth then you will definitely want to read more as to what good it can do to you. Take a few minutes or seconds of your time to learn more about the health benefits of chocolate.

The Good Thing About Chocolate

The healthy part there is in the mixture of chocolate is the cacao. The cacao has plenty of chemicals that is able to keep your functional health pattern well. These chemicals include theobromine and flavonoids that helps your body in fighting various diseases. Because of the very high sugar and fat contents there is to chocolates (e.g. dark chocolates), limit yourself to eating it from 7-9 ounces a week. Remember, too much of something can be bad.

Good For The Heart

Studies done in various countries such as a 9 year study on Sweden proves that chocolates are actually good for the heart. For example, one to two servings of your dark chocolate every week was able to reduce the risks of developing heart failure. Studies done in Germany and Australia also state that dark chocolate is actually able to lower blood pressure. This is because of flavonoids, an antioxidant present in dark chocolate that is able to increase your veins and arteriesí flexibility. However, it should be taken into account that chocolate needs to be combined with adequate exercise for it to actually work out its health wonders.

Weight Loss

Chocolates are able to reduce your weight from the fact that you get full a lot faster/easier when you incorporate it as your dessert. Various researches done in the University of Copenhagen states that dark chocolate is actually more filling, offering a faster satiety feel in comparison to other light colored deserts. This may indicate that it could be a good idea incorporating dark chocolate into your dessert.

Cough Relief

Studies pertain to a compound in chocolate known theobromine. It is able to quite coughs as well as the compound codeine. Take note that theobromine is the one responsible in making you feel really good when you eat chocolate.

Diabetes Prevention

A small research in Italy states that the participants who ate once a day dark chocolate for a total of 15 days had their insulin resistance halved. This is because of the compound known as flavonoids. Flavonoids is able to increase your nitric oxide production as stated by their lead researcher ìClaudo Ferri M.D.î, this is able to help you control your insulin sensitivity.

Reduction Of Stress

Plenty of researches point out to individuals going into the act of dipping chocolates as a form of coping stress tolerance pattern. Women also state that eating chocolate once a day during their pregnancy periods was able to handle stress better than other mothers who tend to abstain from it. When you are really stressed out and very problematic, it might be a good idea to eat chocolate instead of a whole bucket of ice cream. Kids also become happier when they are given chocolates.

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