The Difference Between The Movie And The Book ?>

The Difference Between The Movie And The Book

The director is always going to change some details when making a book into a movie. This is done to increase the dramatic value of the movie. There are always times that the changes are already recognizable and affect the full totality of your perspective of the movie towards the book.

It is not a rare issue that books transformed to movies are not likely going to be the same with one another. Sometimes the title are used to garner the audience of the book especially when the book is a best seller. One of the famous books is The Notebook that was published in the year 1996. After being transformed into a movie, there are some critiques who are dismayed by the changes made.

Minor Variations

The most basic inaccuracy that does not change the flow of the story is the year that the events happened. In the book, it was visualized to happen in the year 1932 while in the movie it was stated to occur in the year 1940. Small details that only impact the two forms in a very small manner.

Noah was always the older one between the two of them. In the book, Allie was 15 and Noah was 17 when they first met. While in the movie, Allie was 17 but Noahís age was not ever mentioned during the course of the whole movie.

Slightly Distinguishable Changes

Both depictions show the two having their first meet in the carnival. Though in the book, the two of them hang out until the carnival closed. They also had a perfect relationship, no fights and they agree with one another. When in the movie, the dramatic value was increased by portraying that the two continuously had fights. Also, Noah hanging from the Ferris wheel never happened in the book. It was all made for the sake of increasing the emotional impact of the movie.

The fighting the night before they Allie left town never actually happened. In the book, it stated that they left one another in good terms and loved each other. Another aspect to increase the dramatic value of the movie. They were also separated for 14 years compared to the 7 years of the movie. This change was made to be able to portray the actors in an attractive level.

Major Changes that Will Destroy the Audience

The main selling point that got viewers to watch The Notebook was the controversial amazing kiss if the couple under the rain. The movie showed a dramatic climax to the love story of the couple through a kiss under the rain. This actually never happened in the book.

The most dramatic part of the movie was the ending where they both end up in their last moments. Having the last conversation they had before accepting their love with one another. The movie ends with the two of them found dead on a bed holding hands with one another. The emotional scale of the movie was increased dramatically that none of the events actually happened in the book.

The ending of the book was only to a point that Allie was able to recognize Noah despite of her diagnosis to Alzheimerís. They had a talk and the story ends to that point. No dramatically portrayed until death thou us apart scene.

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