She Doesn’t Want a Relationship ?>

She Doesn’t Want a Relationship

She likes you and it is showing, but when asked out on a date, she refuses profusely and goes the other way without offering an explanation. How long you have known her doesn’t matter, but she’s more than a crush, she’s already your girl, your significant other, but she doesn’t want to accept your courtesies or doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.

No Advice

It is not like she thinks ill of you or thinks she’s out of your league, it is more like she has her own reasons she would never tell you about. She could be dating someone already which is something you don’t see as she might be in a long distance relationship which is more common than you may guess. As great as she is she could be more into friendships and little else. Who knows what is hiding behind that serene face of hers, only she knows what she’s been through. Perhaps she’s been hurt before, many a time, and this is why she’s refusing your offer to be the arm to rely on. In fact that would be a great thing on your part to see why she is refusing to deal with you on a more intimate level. Maybe she’s sensing your despair which often happens when we are frantically eager to offer ourselves to the others. This is uncalled for as it is a more off-putting than attractive quality.

What Not to Do?

Chasing her shadow when she sleeps, stalking her in places to meet her cannot truly help you get her, only diminish whatever dim chances you may have with her. It takes quite a mature character to reach the stage in which you relinquish your feelings when they are in bloom. Those feelings are typically reserved for teenage minds that are seeking to establish their identity and confuse a crush with real love, but oftentimes happens to adults consumed by their passion and little more. This is the passion that tells you to go places in search of your love, it is the passion that keeps you awake at night. It is a great and encompassing feeling that hardly wants to go away, and you don’t wish it away, you are happy to claim it and make it your own. It is an enthralling feeling which she understands perhaps, it is just it is a one actor play and you are in the spotlight with your doe eyes. Probably you are not the only one who has gone through that with her, she simply is a gorgeous woman with sparkling eyes and the sage like abilities, but she doesn’t want to share her life, at least she has decided not to. If you have been through that stage, you know what it means, that look and shake of the head, the rejection is painful and not worthy of any poem. She just wants to be alone.

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