Put Up a Free Forum on Your Website ?>

Put Up a Free Forum on Your Website

Owning a website poses so many advantages and benefits to any individual especially to those who know how to maximize the potential of turning it into an ATM machine. Surprised? Ever wonder why so many people are spending most of their time developing their websites and enhancing their computer skills? This is due to the fact that there is money in having a good site that can cater almost anything online. However, this can only be possible though if you get to have a good traffic to your site.

One way of building traffic is through advertising which will require some investments. Another method used by many website owners is the installation of a free forum on their site. If you think that this is difficult as you don’t have skills and knowledge related to setting up such addition to your site, there are many programs nowadays that are quite easy to use. Follow the guideline below and you’ll find out how simple it is to put up your own free forum on your website.

  • Choose Forum Host – if you are new into such an online activity, you need to take your time in selecting your ideal service provider for your forum community. There are several hosts that can provide you the option to install a free forum on your site. ProBoards, phpBB, and Forumer are some of the hosts that you can use for such purpose.
  • Create New Account – before you can be able to put up your free forum, you need to register with their site first. This will allow you to have the privileges of installing your forum afterwards. Make sure that you write down your new account in order to avoid forgetting it in the long run. Basically, this will allow you to have an access to an admin account which will give you the opportunity to upload your chosen free online forum. This process will require you to verify your new account which was sent to you through your given email account.
  • Link Forum to Website – after you are done with the registration and verification process. Make sure that the format when you link your forum to your site is something like this “<a href=”URL to forum here”>link text</a>” (excluding the quotes). A click to this link will redirect and take your viewers to the forum you had just made. Make sure that you also have a link on the forum that will bring them back to the home page of your website. This simple links will provide ease for your followers to easily navigate back and forth on your site.
  • Test – before opening it to the public, make sure that you have run a test to check on the condition of your forum. Edit the design, fonts, and anything that seems unlikely and unpleasant. Run tests several times before introducing it on your website to avoid negative feedbacks.
  • Post Away – as soon as you are satisfied with the results, you can start by posting trending topics that are related to your website.
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