Losing Your Mind ?>

Losing Your Mind

It may have occurred to you perhaps while smoking a joint that you moved atop the highest mountain or some place high up and let yourself fall down freely with the enormous speed of the lightning to hit the ground and lose it. Some hit their head in the childhood and move on from there, others are simply easily swayed and tricked so before they know it, they are acting like kids in the thick fog. If you have lost your mind once, you could perhaps do it again, if you smoked some weed or chose to avoid heeding the voice of reason that lives within you and is present, and yet, ever so silent when it should be looming inside your head. When you lose your mind again, you become victimized, prone to self flogging and being swayed like a puppet.

Losing It in Love

Sometimes you lose your head when you fall in love and blinded you let yourself be led instead of being more conscious. Love should come naturally, with time, despite that famous phrase love at the first sight. By naturally we mean grow with time, so you steadily and gradually fall in love, paying attention to its several components, including intimacy, companionship and commitment. If you are deeply hit by a Cupid’s arrow, that means you might expect that love would numb any pains that arrive once the two opposing personalities clash over some issues, when first misunderstandings occur and so on. That period typically lasts around three years and then the true character is slowly revealed, with varying results for the relationship. That period is characterised by an absolute need to be close to someone, looking at the world through pink tinted glasses and so on. Once you have seen the person’s warts and all, you might prefer to leg it just to be able to lose your head again. That might be the feeling that keeps you up high for most of your life, which explains the existence of many of those who are playing the field and just need a new dose of excitement, and that applies equally to both sexes.


You might lose it by doing it with your own hands by trying to bite more than you can chew, that fate is shared by many of those trying to raise above the average only to have you beheaded as a way of punishment for attempting the unimaginable. You would be brought down brutally a peg or two by the forces you dared to awaken by your foolishness and belief things could be changed if most people just tried to their best. They would not let you lead the crowd by any chance in the world.or perhaps you would choose beheading yourself to show humility and as the way to teach an example. All in all losing it can manifest in many ways, but it ends always with you at a losing end. No brainer.

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