I Don’t Want to Work or Go to School ?>

I Don’t Want to Work or Go to School

And I don’t want to write an article about it. It is a Saturday evening and one wants to get away from it all by ducking the responsibility and going for a beer perhaps. The treadmill is a difficult thing to get onto and to get off it despite the current crisis which pushes the people to seek jobs in various sectors. Now if you are complaining about the necessity to have to work you could be going through a tough crisis experiencing despair not dictated by laziness of any kind, just a rebellion against the way life works. Perhaps studying or working aren’t meant for you since they involve getting in touch with other people, requiring social skills that you may not feel you possess. Who knows?

Some Have It Differently

With a generally neutral or negative outlook on what school can teach you you may simply see the futility of it all. However, as much as you may hate the requirements there is a place for you to fit in as much as you could hate it from the get-go. Some people feel pressed by life and other people to have to study or learn while being quite bright to make it on their own in life without a document of any sorts. That is in a sense a radical approach, to be able to give up education and seek your path elsewhere totally on your own by the sole virtue of your brightness and talent. Many famous people have gone down this road before you. You may not be one of them but your thinking could still go along these lines.

Take It or Leave It?

Complaining is fine as long as this doesn’t keep you blindfolded from all the opportunities that arise and which you tend to dismiss with a shrug. Job opportunities are rare to come by in the current economic climate, high unemployment and what not, so it is no wonder that stooping to take up a job that is below your expectations may not be the way to go.

What would be the best case scenario? Actually to even try to make things work out somehow would be advantageous to you even if for the sake of gaining some experience relevant to your field of choice. Perhaps you are quite not there yet and just need a word of comfort. But the very ability to work and make it through despite your image of what it takes to work and be a responsible person may change once you get to the point that you actually see you are doing better than ok despite your previous reservations. All you have to do is give it a try as much challenging it may be.

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