I Can’t Seem to Let Go of My Ex ?>

I Can’t Seem to Let Go of My Ex

You are not the only one who has been through it, it is going to take a while before the pain and affection subside finally. And even then you are going to reminisce about the things you may have done differently to keep him by your side even if everything he did, all the actions spoke against him. He may have left for various reasons, the reasons known only to him, but still you keep on believing he may come back one day, that he would come to his senses and realize how great a person you are and that you could have had a go at it once again.

Take Comfort

Get inspired by life and work and try to feel the pulse of life by doing the things you love and enjoy, that give you enough pleasure that you can have. The pain will gradually retreat to give way to something else, the need to live a life anew, with new emotions and new thrills and one day maybe a new love.

Get Help ASAP

If you are feeling you can’t handle the life like you should despite many months that have passed since your love went away towards a different direction, you should perhaps seek professional counsel if things are getting slightly out of control for reasons you cannot see. A careful examination of your current feelings that are mixed with pain should be enough to give you an idea which way to turn to find refuge and relief. Most of the times we are however left to our pain that no one can truly share, and how can they?! Obviously talking through your feelings might be helpful when we are comforted and shown the relationship in a different light. Why? Because we may be willing to assume blame for what has happened, which could be partly true, and yet uncalled for, as no one is perfect in their attitude to life and mistakes are part of the game called life. Unfortunately some of them could be too costly and so we cannot redeem ourselves but in the end truth shines through, it is however too late.

New Life

Many are lucky to find a great partner later on, others not so much. Some remain locked in their solitary lives, but enjoying it nevertheless, as they re-discover their real nature that needs no others. Others keep seeking one true love, but dismiss many wondrous occasions to cherish the life in its beauty. There is so much more to life than love only that it would be the waste to dismiss them. Allow yourself to wallow in your pain and grief but gradually let the current of life grab you and carry you upstream. If you are finding hard to live a regular life again talk to the health provider to exlude the onset of depression.

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