Hades: The Greek God Of Death And The Underworld ?>

Hades: The Greek God Of Death And The Underworld

This article will orient you all about Hades, the god of death in Greek mythology. Certain misconceptions and specific information about him is taken into account as you browse further. Take a few minutes or seconds of your time to learn more about Hades, Greek mythology’s god of the Underworld.

Hades The God Of The Underworld

Hades was the son of the Titans known as Cronus and Rhea. When Zeus and his siblings rebelled against the titans and won, Hades was able to acquire the Underworld as his realms of power. The realms were divided into 3 parts, the sky the sea and the underworld. The sky belonged to Zeus his younger brother, the sea to Poseidon and the Underworld to Hades.

The Greeks usually had a very negative idea on what death was. They didn’t like it, and they feared and worshipped Hades at the same time. The most common form of worship to Hades was people banging the earth for him to hear. When people made sacrifices to Hades, they burnt black sheep in his offering.

Hades In Fiction

Hades is basically depicted as the bad guy in certain fiction, like in the movies, cartoons (Hercules) and novels (Percy Jackson). Actually Hades isn’t really that much of a bad guy when compared to the other major gods of Greek Mythology. We have the other gods committing heinous acts of rape such as Zeusís case in which he disguises himself into different animals to force himself/trick a maiden and Poseidon forcing himself upon Medusa (raping her) on the temple of Athena. There are also one issue of Hades raping a woman in Greek mythology, her name was Persephone.

The only difference about Hadesí case is that he actually married Persephone. You can say that Persephone did not like her standing. In what could be seen as an act of kindness, Hades even gives her half the year to stay with her mother (Ceres), and the other half in the Underworld.

Hades remains overly loyal to Persephone throughout Greek mythology particularly because of Persephoneís attitude. Persephone can be defined as a very beautiful and kind hearted woman. But she was also very jealous of her husband’s lovers. It is because of this jealousy and Hades remains one of the most loyal god husbands in the Greek mythology.

Hades And His Weapons

The Cyclops made a special helmet that turned the wearer invisible for Hades. Hades was able to use the helmet during the battle between the gods and the Titans (before he ruled the Underworld). Because of this helmet Hades is usually named as ‘The Invisible’.

Hades may be considered as the god of the dead, but he is also considered as the god of wealth (in Roman mythology). This is because most minerals like gold are usually found in the earth.

Hades’ has his very own pet dog named Cerberus, a gigantic three headed dog that guards the realms of the dead. The dog guards a massive door to the Underworld that is opened by a key in the form of a pick-axe and/or a cornucopia. His most sacred plants include the cypress and the narcissus.

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