Direct Yourself in Your Own Movie ?>

Direct Yourself in Your Own Movie

Watch out for people, if you are not being careful enough and solid enough, any tripping would mean you are suddenly abandoned and left to your own devices. If you are resourceful enough and armed with a game detector, you could save your skin by your teeth. No one will extend a hand so why not become your own bet and most reliable of friends? With people living on credit and mostly interested in penny pinching, a chance to forge a true friendship is getting smaller and smaller especially if you are troubled by some things. A word of advice? To avoid too much guesswork and ruminating that has plagued so many people as strategies of little inefficiency use the magic formula lifted directly from the Gone with the Wind movie, and the phrase uttered by the movie’s heroine, ”I will think of that tomorrow” or something to that effect.

Quiet Fury

Indeed, despite the unnerving developments occurring in your life, where too much speaking or obsessing over things does not solve a thing, including pushing someone to deal with things, why not just be your own movie director, the star of your own movie? In short, you write a script, which would later be adapted to what life can bring you, so perhaps calling it a series would do it more favor, with people coming and going, in their supporting roles, but you are the major star here, though it does not mean you should feed your ego by being in the spotlight. Instead, become responsible for your life and where it is headed, but taking it slowly bit by bit. That life should be something filled with passion and appetite for life, with comedy bits prevailing over the dramatic parts if possible. Making a drama out of everything does not serve you at all, but some people perhaps would be inclined towards horrors or maudline love stories. What life requires now is something more durable, something longer lasting then shadows and smoke, where instead of living, you are acting. The problem with the simile is that you are not supposed to play the part you are to become the person you want to see played, by changing those scripts that have been running your life earlier, you become a fully fledged member of the society, a person who knows their own destiny, so to speak, though it is usually somewhere behind the horizon. Quiet fury is the power of passion that flows through your veins, or at least, hopefully, you could reach that point when you feel it burning, when you burn and that shows, you become more than just a shadow of yourself, you become so much more than a player, you become the real thing by connecting with life, through newly defined roles and newly formed scripts that have been rewritten to mirror your personality. Test your skills, put them to practice and see how it goes.

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