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I Don’t Want to Work or Go to School ?>

I Don’t Want to Work or Go to School

And I don’t want to write an article about it. It is a Saturday evening and one wants to get away from it all by ducking the responsibility and going for a beer perhaps. The treadmill is a difficult thing to get onto and to get off it despite the current crisis which pushes the people to seek jobs in various sectors. Now if you are complaining about the necessity to have to work you could be going through a…

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I Can’t Change ?>

I Can’t Change

This is a common complaint coming from many of those who are unsuccessfully trying to meet some unreasonable standards against which they match their personality and possessed skills. It is indeed unreasonable to think that we can change overnight. Normally it would take years to undo all those things we dislike about ourselves, and even then, we may want to ask whether the change is mandatory. Perhaps a better way would be to grow instead of changing, cultivate those qualities…

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The Difference Between The Movie And The Book ?>

The Difference Between The Movie And The Book

The director is always going to change some details when making a book into a movie. This is done to increase the dramatic value of the movie. There are always times that the changes are already recognizable and affect the full totality of your perspective of the movie towards the book. It is not a rare issue that books transformed to movies are not likely going to be the same with one another. Sometimes the title are used to garner…

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