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She Doesn’t Want a Relationship ?>

She Doesn’t Want a Relationship

She likes you and it is showing, but when asked out on a date, she refuses profusely and goes the other way without offering an explanation. How long you have known her doesn’t matter, but she’s more than a crush, she’s already your girl, your significant other, but she doesn’t want to accept your courtesies or doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. No Advice It is not like she thinks ill of you or thinks she’s out of your league, it is…

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Can You Pretend to Love Someone? ?>

Can You Pretend to Love Someone?

What does it take? Not much really. You don’t have to go on telling yourself to push yourself to love someone, it cannot do. Why do we wonder if it is possible? Things just happen at times to us and in that context we are merely following and not aren’t proactive. Or we are, it is just that we are simply concentrated on getting what is the best for us, eg. getting in a relationship that has no future, but…

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I Can’t Seem to Let Go of My Ex ?>

I Can’t Seem to Let Go of My Ex

You are not the only one who has been through it, it is going to take a while before the pain and affection subside finally. And even then you are going to reminisce about the things you may have done differently to keep him by your side even if everything he did, all the actions spoke against him. He may have left for various reasons, the reasons known only to him, but still you keep on believing he may come…

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