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The Difference Between True Labor And False Labor ?>

The Difference Between True Labor And False Labor

Mothers usually get paranoid every time a false contraction kicks in their system. It is in the question of your mind as a mother, how will you know when it is truly a true labor or not? Your body may just be doing something called false labors, something like a rehearsal for that one big event in your life. What are the signs you should look for to know that you now must go to the hospital? Take a few…

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Management Types On Handling Ectopic Pregnancy ?>

Management Types On Handling Ectopic Pregnancy

A big number of the population of pregnant women is reported as ectopic pregnancy. The incident of ectopic pregnancy is even higher in countries which are yet to develop. The attributed factors for increasing numbers of ectopic pregnancy in women is mainly due to three factors, namely pelvic inflammatory disorders and smoking while being pregnant and the increased use of reproductive technologies. Having the disease can usually lead to morbidity to mothers and can even result in death. Diagnosing ectopic…

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Avoiding Premature Labor ?>

Avoiding Premature Labor

When a baby comes out of the womb of the mother in less than 37 weeks then there is this condition known as premature labor, or otherwise known as pre-term labor. The baby during this time will face so many challenges and difficulties in keeping his/her life safe. The baby, if born under such circumstances is in danger, especially if he/she was born before the second trimester. It predisposes the baby for risks of many complications and abnormalities, usually leading…

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