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Best Jobs in America ?>

Best Jobs in America

Are you in the process of picking a career path that you want to follow? Maybe you are contemplating about making a career switch. The decision about which career you would like to follow is an important one. This decision should be based on several factors and you have to think about it very carefully. One thing to consider would be the list of the best jobs in America. Picking the Right Job There are those who feel that the…

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Can I Lie about Employment History? ?>

Can I Lie about Employment History?

Now let’s see. You are trying to find an answer that would approve of your plan to distort the truth in your CV or cover letter. Nice start pal. Admit it, you just need someone to endorse your intentions although at least you are asking nicely whether it could get you into trouble, ie. with law. If you must know people do lie in their CVs, but the question is whether they land a job after all the hassle they…

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Can I Lie on My Resume? ?>

Can I Lie on My Resume?

Here is a crux. No one will tell you that you can if you are seeking advance absolution. If you are in search of false claims that you could use to advance your career, or false qualifications you may want to be careful as you could be discharged from work and even sued, though it is a rare occurrence, but still a possibility. Why Lie? When you lie about your employment history, keep in mind that things like that can…

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