Can I Lie on My Resume? ?>

Can I Lie on My Resume?

Here is a crux. No one will tell you that you can if you are seeking advance absolution. If you are in search of false claims that you could use to advance your career, or false qualifications you may want to be careful as you could be discharged from work and even sued, though it is a rare occurrence, but still a possibility.

Why Lie?

When you lie about your employment history, keep in mind that things like that can be easily verified through placing a single call to make sure your claims are valid. Be mindful of the simple consequence of lying that is lost trust and compromised integrity. Does that count anywhere? You are not the first person to lie but not everyone has been successful in consequence. To be a great liar it takes quite a skill, and only some are quite capable of pulling it, but then shouldn’t they be already working someplace different than the one they are applying for?

Everybody Lies

Do the gains offset the losses incurred by this prepondency of ours to resort to lies in times of trouble? As there is no rule of the thumb whether you succeed or not, so it is best to remember that a lie has no legs.

Lying on your resume does not have to lead to any litigation; but when you are applying for a position that calls for impeccable qualities of character you may be simply not the match for that. Even though plenty o

Are You a Weakling?

Lying is a poor man’s crutch, a person not assertive enough to make it through on their own or avoid their certain weaknesses will have to rely on it to last a day or more. When people learn about their weakness that person’s reputation will suffer an immense blow, and the person in question will be blacklisted as not to be trusted, no matter how many lies the observers have thought out themselves. It is only natural that people would think that way as this is a social phenomenon when we blame others for our shortcomings while not seeing our own mistakes. It is so common in some corrupt countries that valuing little else than just personal assets. Why has it come to this? Perhaps it is been like this for ages where the unscrupulous took over the weaker people who managed to maintain their integrity.

Weaker specimens will resort to some underhanded strategy that will land them a job or money and will be unscrupulous in their need to secure their own gain at the expense of the others, even risking their own good name for a temporary privilage. Care to join them?

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