Best Jobs in America ?>

Best Jobs in America

Are you in the process of picking a career path that you want to follow? Maybe you are contemplating about making a career switch. The decision about which career you would like to follow is an important one. This decision should be based on several factors and you have to think about it very carefully. One thing to consider would be the list of the best jobs in America.

Picking the Right Job

There are those who feel that the unemployment rate is still too high. The truth is that there are plenty of vacancies that are left unfilled. There is a lack of qualified people who can fill in those posts. This means that people make the wrong choices when it comes to careers. They choose to study the wrong things in college. This has something to do with the belief that any kind of blue collar work is the second rate. A lot of people believe that any work that is done inside an office, which does not require physical exertion, is always better. This is what many parents have taught their children who in turn chose courses in college that do not point out to any kind of blue collar work. This is the problem with the popularity of liberal arts courses in college. They don’t really point out to a clear career direction. Young people are ill-advised as to what courses they should take.

Best Jobs in America

Aside from considering blue-collar work, another useful thing to know more about would be the best jobs in America. How would a job be considered to be the best? There are several qualities to consider but the payment is the biggest factor. To help you in making that decision, here are the best jobs in America:

Biomedical Engineer

With a median pay of $87,000 and a top pay of $134,000 it is really worth it to be a Biomedical Engineer. What does a Biomedical Engineer do? BMEs work to develop and create medical devices and equipment. The gadgets you see at the hospital are made with the help of Biomedical Engineers. They design and help to make everything from artificial limbs to complicated machines like MRIs. In order to become a BME, you would normally need a bachelor’s degree in the field or a Master’s. There are also some who have law degrees and are medical doctors as well. Working as a BME mostly involves research and development and is normally done inside a laboratory or in hospitals.

Aside from the great pay, being a Biomedical Engineer is also an opportunity to help others and make a difference. The biggest downside of it, is that it can be time consuming. You should not expect to have nine-to-five job in this field.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

It is not surprising that being a Clinical Nurse Specialist is considered to be one of the best jobs today. There is a need to drive down the cost of healthcare and to find the most efficient way of providing medical care for patients. A Clinical Nurse Specialist can expect a median pay of $86,500 and get a top pay of $126,000.

How does one become a Clinical Nurse Specialist? It takes more than just a degree in nursing. One has to be a leader and a teacher at the same time. The job of a Clinical Nurse Specialist involves convincing others to try out new policies and methods that would make the delivery of services more efficient. The biggest downside of the job is the friction with other staff members who might be unwilling to listen to guidance.

Software Architect

A Software Architect is more than just a Software engineer. The Software Architect is the one bridging the people on the technical department and the management of a company. They understand how the software system of the company works. They also have a firm grasp on how the business as a whole is run. They identify problems in the business and they use the software system in order to resolve those problems.

Because most large businesses use some kind of software, a Software Architect can work anywhere in the world. The biggest downside is that it is a high pressure job. The top pay of a Software Architect is at $161,000.

General Surgeon

It isn’t surprising that being a surgeon is one of the top jobs in the country. It requires skill, intellect, determination and continuous education. A General Surgeon can get a median pay of $288,000 which is quite impressive already. That’s more than double than the top pay of most of the other jobs that we have mentioned. Their top pay is a whopping $396,000. A General Surgeon performs many types of procedures. They handle the removal of simple tumours to performing procedures on the oesophagus. They staff trauma units handling the cases there.

In order to become a general surgeon you have to go undergo a rigorous training. Interest in various medical disciplines is needed, since it covers a lot. The worst part about it is that it would involve a great deal of paperwork.

Petroleum Geologist

The Petroleum industry is one of the best industries today and a Petroleum Geologist is one of the most in-demand specialists in that industry. What is it that they do? They work in order to find new petroleum reserves. You might get the impression that they go out in the field a lot. They do work in the field but most of the work of Petroleum Geologists is done in front of computers as they run simulations.

The worst part of this job is that you would have to work under a great deal of pressure and stress. Hundreds of millions of dollars would be at stake with your decision. A petroleum geologist can get a top pay of $183,000.

Software Developer

The world is depending on computers more and more. All these desktops, tablets and laptops run on software that are written and created by software developers. So, the demand for this kind of job is bound to increase in the future. If you are into computers, then this is the kind of job that holds future for you. Aside from creating software, they are also the ones who bugs on existing programs.

Having a degree in computer science is one way to get started in this job, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. If you are really good with programming ,then you can land a job as a software developer. You can expect a median pay of $88,700 and if you do really good then you can expect a top pay of $129,000. The worst part about being a software developer is that you have to spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Clinical Research Associate

A Clinical Research Associate monitors tests on new medicines to make sure that the tests are conducted under the right conditions. They are the ones that develop research protocols as well. Having a degree in any medial related field can help in landing a job as a Clinical Research Associate. The top pay for this job is $127,000 while the median pay is at $95,100.

These are just a few of the best jobs in America today.

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